Andhra Pradesh: Legal metrology officials find violations in packing of fertilizers

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The legal metrology officials have found violations in the packing of fertilizers and pesticides of various companies based out of Hyderabad and Gujarat during raided on shops in Gooty, Pamidi, Anantapur and Rapthadu towns.

The officials have served notices on the erring dealers, retailers, and manufacturers. They have also seized samples. The retailers and manufacturers were let off with a small fine.

“A majority of the stocks did not have phone numbers and name of the manufacturers and consumer care numbers. We have booked 12 cases in two days,” said legal metrology Inspector M.M.D. Ghouse. 

Legal Metrology Assistant Controller raided shops and asked the retailers not to buy stocks that fail to meet all statutory requirements pertaining to weight, packaging, and information for consumer safety/complaint.

The officials have also found some fertilizer packets with less than the specified weight and some products that were sold above the MRP. Case have ben registered against the erring retailers, the officials said.