Environment protection needs to be top govt priority

Environment protection needs to be top govt priority

Environment protection op d - Environment protection needs to be top govt priority

Environmentalists have complained to the government about a substantial portion of land on top of Parsik hill at Belapur being levelled. Navi Mumbai-based activists have alleged that authorities are turning blind eye to the blatant land grab, a report has stated.

From pointing out how a JCB machine levelled the ground, to stating that digging can be seen from the Sion-Panvel Highway, there are several points activists have made to add ballast to their land-grab accusations.

Environments have stated that this must be tackled at once, before structures come up on the land and then, begins the inevitable running around, passing the buck, legalisation and the land is lost forever.

The claims need quick investigation and if found true, and there are no permissions, action is needed, too. Today, the accent is all about green activism, battling climate change, environmental concerns. In this current atmosphere, if activities like these go unchecked, we need to check at least, then, all the talk about green cover is lip service.

People may rush to plant trees and increase green cover, through plantation drives or Miyaki forests, yet, this has little meaning if parallel plundering of green cover invokes no stoppage or action. It is absolutely illogical too, that we talk about greening the city. On the other hand, vested interests get away with destruction and mayhem.

Eventually, this wears away the resolve of the most stoic of vigilantes. Even plantation drives then become tokenism. We do hope the authorities wake up to the grim irony of what is happening in the city and react to complaints, at least looking into them and deciding whether they have merit rather than simply blowing the trumpet on other greening achievements.

The Parsik Hill matter needs focus, meanwhile keep in mind and address the bigger picture, too.