Exclusive! Darshan Raval: I don`t consider myself to be an actor yet

Exclusive! Darshan Raval: I don`t consider myself to be an actor yet

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Darshan Raval`s latest song with `Chogada` girl Warina Hussain, `Dhol Bajaa` has just released and the singer got into an exclusive conversation with mid-day.com, where he recalled memories of Navratri, spoke about his acting plans, opened up about his latest track and more!

Fans had been awaiting a Navratri track from you and `Dhol Bajaa` has just released. How did the song come to life?

It started with `Chogada` and `Kamariya` being so popular and people loving it during Navratri. I wanted to continue doing Navratri songs but we couldn`t celebrate for two years because of Covid. It was sad that we couldn`t enjoy the festival and make songs but this time around when things are looking fine, we had planned the track at the beginning of the year. I collaborated with Javed-Mohsin, they made the track, it turned out to be powerful and energetic, which I loved. A month ago, when I was in Ahmedabad, I spotted posters outside schools, that Navratri classes have started. That boosted my excitement for the song and it`s finally out today!

You are paired with `Chogada` actress Warina Hussain in the video. What was it like to collaborate again?

She`s still the same fun loving person and it was great to be back with her. `Chogada` became so popular, so the song is close to our heart. Now we are coming back with `Dhol Bajaa` and it was a wonderful experience. Old memories returned and we had a great time.

Your music videos have given the audience a glimpse of you as an actor. Any plans to take it up seriously?

I don`t consider myself to be an actor yet. I can act in music videos because it`s been nine years. I love performing there because it`s my own song and I know the emotions. I haven`t thought about it but it`s a different field and requires a lot of energy. Right now my focus is music and to entertain people with my songs.

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What memories does Navratri bring back?

Navratri is close to my heart and I have great memories from before I became famous, where I would go on the ground and dance with friends all night. Then we would eat together. Those memories are heartwarming. This year it`s going to be fun again, bringing back all those memories.

Do you miss enjoying the festival like a regular person?

I can`t dance pagalon ki tarah anymore (like a mad person) but atleast I can make peoples Navratri better with my songs. 

Any message for fans who have been supporting you for years?

I really love my Blue family, all my fans they have been there since day one. In the video there are blue flags and hearts. I love to have my fans in my video so I ensure they are always with me. They are my backbone and ultimate inspiration. Thank you for creating an artiste like me!

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