Is your iPhone 14 Pro camera rattling? ALERT, Apple readies a FIX

Is your iPhone 14 Pro camera rattling? ALERT, Apple readies a FIX

The iPhone 14 Pro camera rattle issue is caused largely by third-party social media apps and Apple is readying a fix.

It is barely a few days since the iPhone 14 series launched and already, a severe issue has crept up. Some users of the iPhone 14 Pro have posted about a weird issue on online forums, showing how the phone’s main rear camera rattles, or shakes vigorously when opening certain social media apps. A couple of videos shared only show the iPhone 14 Pro’s main camera shaking vigorously and creating a loud rattling noise in the process. While many had stated issues with the camera arrangement itself, Apple confirms otherwise.

In a statement to select international media, Apple says they have acknowledged the issue and a fix for the same is underway. While the exact cause of the issue is unknown, Apple says a software update for the Pro models will fix the issue soon. It seems the issue could be largely limited to a software based issue with 3rd party apps, as the iOS Camera app doesn’t cause the same issue.

iPhone 14 Pro camera bug to be fixed soon

Based on the video footages shared online, it seems that the main camera’s physical stability systems are put to test, hence the rattling noise. The issue for these users disappears when the app is closed. Most notably, the bug is observed in apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

Note that not all users are facing the issue on the iPhone 14 Pro units. We have been using our iPhone 14 Pro Max for a couple of days now and so far, we haven’t faced any such issues while using the camera in these third-party social media apps. It could be region specific as well as batch specific. Other than that, the issue could be fixed with a software patch and users should refrain from using the camera app on these platforms until then.

The iPhone 14 Pro models get a sophisticated camera system this year, with the main camera having a 48MP sensor. This camera uses Apple’s second generation sensor shift stabilisation that promises superior stability while shooting video. This is accompanied by a new 12MP camera sensor and a 12MP telephoto camera with 3X zoom. Apple’s new Photonic Engine also claims to enhance low light sensitivity on all the three rear camera. The 12MP front camera also uses a new autofocus system.