SAVE $600, Buy iPhone 12 for free with this amazing Verizon deal!

SAVE $600, Buy iPhone 12 for free with this amazing Verizon deal!

This mind-blowing Verizon offer can get you an iPhone 12 for free! Verizon has announced stunning new offers on older iPhones after the launch of the iPhone 14.

2021’s iPhone 12 can be yours without paying anything. Verizon regularly offers amazing deals for its customers where they can get smartphones without paying the hefty price of the smartphone. Now, without reading the fine print, you might think this is some scam but these Verizon offers are totally legit. Therefore, you can get the iPhone 12 for free. The iPhone 12 was 2021’s best-selling smartphone and is still a hot selling smartphone today. It offers amazing value for its price.

The iPhone 12 is originally priced at $599, however it can be yours for free. You don’t even have to trade-in your old smartphone to avail this offer. You just need to pick a new Verizon unlimited data plan to grab this deal. All you have to do is pay a one-time charge of just $35 for activating a new device on the Verizon network for 36 months.

Verizon’s unlimited plans start at $70 a month and go up to $90 a month for the truly unlimited 5G experience. You will also have to maintain the Verizon contract for a period of 36 months or else you will have to pay the full retail price of $599 for the iPhone 12. The offer is also valid on other variants of the iPhone 12 though you will have to pay installments of $1.38 per month for the 128GB variant and $4.16 for the 256GB variant.

iPhone 12 Specifications

Although the iPhone 12 is a two-year-old device, it is still an amazing smartphone for its price to performance value. It is powered by the A14 Bionic chipset which still performs at par with the best smartphones in the market today. It was the first standard iPhone variant to feature an OLED display, with Apple finally getting rid of the traditional LCD displays. The iPhone 12 underwent a major design as it arrived with a new flat design, resembling Apple’s old iPhone 4S.