This iPhone 14 O2 deal has HIDDEN Apple Music and Disney+ for FREE; Know details

This iPhone 14 O2 deal has HIDDEN Apple Music and Disney+ for FREE; Know details

This iPhone 14 O2 deal in the UK will let you get free Apple Music and Disney+ subscription. Here’s how to grab this deal.

If you are looking for a great deal for the latest iPhone 14, then you have landed at the right place! Since the launch of the flagship iPhone this year, we all are witnessing a new wave of deals surrounding the iPhone 14 and its series. Because we just have found one of the interesting deals that will let you. Several mobile networks in the UK have launched some incredible iPhone 14 deals that will let you save a huge amount as well as provide some interesting freebies. One of these interesting deals which grabbed our attention is the iPhone 14 O2 deal.

This iPhone 14 deal comes from the biggest UK mobile networks, as well as SIM-free prices paired with some interesting freebies to cut the cost of the new iPhone 14. It is definitely for those who prefer to buy a new iPhone outright and pair it with any SIM deal. Sounds irresistible to avoid this deal? Check how to avail this iPhone deal now.

iPhone 14 on O2

This popular UK network packs the new iPhone 14 along with 6 months of Apple Music for absolutely free. Apart from this, it also allows you to choose either Prime Video, Disney+, Audible, and more, free for the next 6 months. However, you’ll automatically opt into a paid monthly subscription after the Extra Period: Prime Video £5.99pm, Amazon Music Unlimited £9.99pm, Audible £7.99pm, Cafeyn £7.99pm, McAfee £4.99pm, Disney+ £7.99pm. But you can opt-out any time. Plus, you will also get access to O2 Priority for early-bird ticket sales and free EU roaming.

But before you get too excited to rush and order the iPhone 14, you should know that O2 will ask you to pay £22.99 for the device along with £30.99 for the Airtime of the 150GB data plan. Also, this is a pre-built plan offered by O2 for 36 months. But you have a choice to customize the contract according to your need.